Media Clarity buys most if not all types of media and has contacts at most media sales houses - we pride ourselves on searching for the best alternatives to match our client’s needs and then working out the most cost-effective solution.
We have a consultative approach and picture ourselves as a partner in your business to ensure you get the most competitive deals available. 

When buying media on your behalf we only work on the commissions paid by that media company, we do not add any ‘hidden charges’ to our invoicing. We are not hard selling our buying services and do not charge any retainers.

We can often work out a more cost-effective solution for our clients along with offering our support, experience and enthusiasm at no extra cost. We work with budgets from £1,000 to £1,000,000 and we treat every client individually so please contact us if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss ideas.


A large percentage of our new clients are using TV for the 1st or 2nd time and they don’t want to get confused by the jargon and politics involved in buying TV - they just want the best deal at the best price - and so do we!

This is often the start of the journey and the most important to get right. We are happy to explain how the TV landscape works and our intention is to turn our clients into TV buying experts too. 

Our aim is to make the process as simple and transparent as possible, so you the client can understand what we are doing on your behalf - and get results when you go on air. 

We work hard to compete with all big and small deals and have built our relationships with clients based on successful campaigns.



Part of our continued success has been through the exploration of opportunities like TV sponsorship, product placement, connected streaming TVs (CTV) and video on-demand advertising.

This is an area we have had regular success with, and we have managed to get several customers rubbing shoulders with big brands but without paying a fortune for it! 

Since the business was founded, Media Clarity has negotiated TV sponsorships both on a regional and national basis. 

We have done deals for the sponsorship of Benidorm on itv1 and also the itv regional weather in Granada. Please contact us for more information about the sponsorship process and how we can make it work for your business.


‘I don’t watch TV anymore’ is something people say regularly - but often they do - they just watch TV differently from the way we once did! This includes mobiles, tablets and streaming services. TV and video now come in many formats!

Buying vod (video on demand) means we can buy the adverts that run before a tv programme starts on the itv hub, Sky Go, YouTube or all4 - for live and on catch-up services.

We can now target demographics and areas to fit your brand, for instance, we can target young females in the north of England watching Love Island or we can target over 40s males in London watching football.

Sky adsmart also has the technology to target households and postcodes and you can deliver your message to the same house and cap the final delivered impressions.

Please note we are only interested in what works for you so we will only recommend what will offer you the best return on investment- many agencies have exclusive deals with media owners that they want to sell you- we are totally impartial.

In our experience, many advertisers already have a preferred web, seo and/or pay-per-click partners and we are happy to work with your chosen connections. 

We don’t pretend we do everything and then introduce third parties and mark things up! We are experts in our field and stick to what we know by doing it well and we are happy to work with others.


Cazoo and cinch are just two examples of online brands that have invested heavily in using TV to build their brand and achieve kudos and trust (that’s what tv does right?).

There are many case studies regarding tv and online working together on the thinkbox website. Thinkbox champions TV advertising and we regularly attend seminars that feed us with the latest knowledge about the tv advertising world and how to improve things for our clients.

If you are an online brand and want to see if TV could work for you, please contact us to arrange a discussion.


When Media Clarity set up it became obvious clients wanted us to buy them print, radio and ooh campaigns to save them time and money. We have established great relationships with all the radio groups and buy regional and national campaigns across networks, Dax and Spotify.

We buy space in all the national and regional newspapers and magazines along with offering bespoke digital solutions for brands across niche titles like conde naste traveller and mainstream titles like The Guardian or the Sun.

We buy with digital programmatic and traditional outdoor opportunities and if you want to advertise on the back of buses in your hometown or on the tube in the centre of London we have access to great deals and opportunities.

We can buy 6 sheets (bus shelters) on the way to your store, 48 and 96 sheets (billboard size) as part of a nationwide campaign or a poster outside of your shop – or your competitors!  
We are happy to plan this around any budget or area.


We are not a creative agency, and we don’t have preferred partners that we insist you work with. Many of our advertisers already have creative contacts that we are always happy to work with.

If you do need guidance, we have a network of production companies and creative independents that can work to any budget, and we are happy to put them in touch with you directly. Then you can decide who you want to use.


We position ourselves as a boutique agency rather than a large buying house and try to work ‘under the radar of the big agency sell’.

Our offices have recently moved to the beautiful market town of Knutsford: if you want to pop in for a brew or contact us anytime:
07736 088623
‘The Old Library’ 117 - 123 King Street, Knutsford WA16 6EH


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