Gen V Case Study

Gen V were recommended to use us by Veganuary (another MC client) and asked Media Clarity to plan and buy a campaign that would have a huge impact across London with a £500k overall spend.
The creative was centred around asking Rishi Sunak the prime minister (at the time of writing) to try vegan for a month around ‘Veganuary’ in January 2023.
The core target audience was young professionals who were using London Underground and we bought Tube Car Panels to run for 4 weeks across January covering around 50% of all tube carriages.
With a strong message, thought provoking creative and a high dwell time to read the message– these were received positively and created a huge level of social media response .
To ensure that Rishi received the message loud and clear we bought the ‘Westminster Station Domination package’ meaning that we virtually ‘owned’ Westminster station including the MPs entrance for 2 weeks.
The deal including the Tickets gateways, the escalator fins, large and small platform panels and high level acoustic panels and also the full motion megawall and digiwall showing videos around the campaign.
Another key London target area was Shoreditch and the client wanted something different- away from the London Underground and at street level in a busy relevant area.
So we decided to paint a wall as big as a house with the Rishi messaging using 3 street artists. The result was fantastic (I can send a video link for this) and the engagement and coverage made it feel like money well spent.
The final activation went live on Monday 9th January and to amplify the message Media Clarity bought full page front half display adverts in the Metro, evening Standard, Guardian and I newspapers- reaching 6million people overall.
The client then hired 4 tractors with blimps (I can provide video footage of this) of Rishi and the messaging and drove over Parliament bridge and parked outside Downing Street- it certainly caused a stir and was a site to be seen!
The feedback from the client and CEO Naomi Halum is below…
"The underground ads certainly had a big impact, more so than anything else we did. I also know you got us some very good deals on those, so we got a lot of added value from that.
In terms of media reach, the campaign has generated 89 mainstream media articles across 14 countries to date, with a combined reach of 3.08 billion (not bad, in my humble opinion). 
My team and I still need to calculate what the media value of that comes out at, but I’m sure it’s considerably higher than what we spent.
Interestingly, both in the UK and abroad, almost all media came from journalists seeing our adverts on the London Underground – including our appearances on TalkTV on LBC. Very little came from us sending our press releases.
This is a trend we’ve noticed over the last few years: media releases just don’t get seen anymore, so the London ads were critical for getting media and I would almost certainly invest in those again."


We position ourselves as a boutique agency rather than a large buying house and try to work ‘under the radar of the big agency sell’.

Our offices have recently moved to the beautiful market town of Knutsford: if you want to pop in for a brew or contact us anytime:
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